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Girl Turns Ex-Boyfriend Into A Meme

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Valentine's Day is coming and love is in the air.

Unless you're poor Jack Weppler. His relationship is over and it didn't end so well, but he picked up the pieces of his broken heart and moved on… too bad his ex-girlfriend didn't do the same.

She decided to get revenge by turning Jack into a Meme, uploading his image more than 60 times to with slogans that range from mild attacks on his wardrobe (funny)…

And theatrical aspirations (funny)…

To downright pornographic, including several that are homophobic (not cool).

Ensuring that when anybody googles Jack's name (perhaps an interested casting director, producer or future girlfriend), it would yield a butt load of embarrassing photos.

His mom did everything she could to make the embarassing photos disappear, she even wrote a letter to Google's help forum that said:

"My minor son's ex-girlfriend took a copyrighted picture of him (we own copyright) and uploaded it more than 60 times to a website. On each image she wrote slanderous, defamatory and pornographic captions. The webmaster of the site states he removed the images 6 weeks ago, but Google Search still shows all the images. My son is so stressed out and embarrassed and we've done everything we can to get images off of Google."

It sounds like a harmless way to blow off some steam at first. If you think about it, this girl took tools available to her on the internet and vented her feelings about a guy who seems to have hurt her or done her wrong in some way. I'm also guessing she thought that no more than a couple people from school would really see them. How could she know how big this story would blow up? It's all over the internet this week.

Some of the meme's suggest that he lied to her about something, maybe cheating on her, but you can't be sure.

Also, it seems like Jack and his family handled this all wrong. Instead of having a sense of humor about it, they did everything they could to cover up the photos which of course just got them more publicity, causing even more people to see the images. This is known as the Streisand Effect, when you try to cover up some kind of information that's out there on the internet… and it seems to have the opposite effect.

So what should you do if you are ever fortunate or unfortunate enough to become a meme? Well, I'd say get a sense of humor about the whole situation. Once something like this is out there on the internet, there's literally nothing you can do about it and the more you try to cover up the situation, the more attention you'll draw to whatever it is that you're trying to cover up.

What do you think about Jack and his situation? Should this girlfriend be brought up on legal charges? Should Jack and his family get a sense of humor, laugh it off and let it slide? Does Jack really wear mom jeans? I'm dying to know. So if you're out there Jack, we'd love to get your side of the story.

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