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Gnarly Graffiti Snails!

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Most animals are not easy to paint on. I tried to paint a bulbasaur on an Eagle and that's why I'm in the hospital. But snails are very easy to paint on, plus chick snails are way into dude snails who get graffiti'd. It's kind of like chicks being into dudes with tattoos. 


This snail is strong against water-type snails.


This snail is from the wrong side of the tracks. It would roll a pack of smokes in it's sleeves if it had sleeves.


This snails was rad for about 45 minutes, until it was eaten by a bird because of it's complete lack of camoflague.


Rave snail demands a chick with a glow stick in her mouth to freak with ASAP.


Colossus snail looks sad because he doesn't know how he's going to tell his conservative Army commander Dad how he got wasted and woke up with Graffiti on his shell.


This snail is actually to scale. Giant snails are how the people of Englad get around. Ask anyone.


I like my snails like I like my coffee: black.


This snail either really hates, or is way into taxes.


This snail: "Acid changed my life. By the way, do you have any spare change?"


This snail is surprisingly shy for a snail with an angry dude wearing a gas mask on his shell.


Guess what this snail's name is?


This graffiti is actually to ward off vampire snails, and/or attract attractive teen vampire snails.


OK, so this one is fake, but MAN, it would cool if this was real.


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