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Uh Oh… These Mashups, Like, Really Friggin’ Work

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Smushing two songs together that don’t belong — the perfect generator for ironically detached Internet humor! And, buddy, we’ve got a bunch of these bad-on-purpose mashups that… hang on, standby… Oh. Oh no. I, um… shoot. These mashups actually work. Like, really friggin’ well. Like, you’re gonna wanna add them to your playlists immediately, well. Crap. I was really in the mood for some trashy, cheesy mashups. Um. You know what? You gotta play with the hand you’re dealt. Let’s listen to these mashups that are very, very good and, uh, let’s just do the best we can.

Which of these mashups work the most annoyingly? What are some of your fave mashups? And please, God, answer this question: do you have any favorite bonkers mashups that totally DON’T work? Hit us up on Twitter, which is a mashup of “saying inane thoughts” and “social media addiction”.