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Grand Theft Auto: 5 Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed!

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Hey Folks, The Warp Zone here! In honor of the release of Grand Theft Auto V we thought we’d take a look back at the series as a whole and highlight our favorite easter eggs. There have been tons and tons of easter eggs across all the games, but we thought we’d narrow it down it our top 5. Here we go!


5. Moon Enlargement ­ GTA III

gta 3 moon


Ever look at the moon in a game and wish you could change its size? Well GTA III gave you that power. All you needed was to equip the sniper rifle, take aim at the moon, and fire. Initially you could only choose between 2 different sizes, but more recent games in the series have bumped that number up to a whopping 8 different moon sizes! Where was this feature in Majora’s Mask?


4. Heart of the City ­ GTA IV

gta 4 heart of the city


Deep within GTA IV’s version of the Statue of Liberty, The Statue of Happiness, lies a giant, beating heart. Yep, you read that right, a giant, beating heart that is held in place by several large chains. This one certainly wins the award for being the creepiest easter egg. Oh and you get there by walking through an entrance with a sign that reads, “No hidden content this way”. Spectacular!


3. Apartment 3C ­ Vice City

gta apartment 3c


While GTA: Vice City features more than a few nods to the movie Scarface, none are as direct or gruesome as Apartment 3C. Located near the Pay ’n’ Spray in Ocean Beach, this otherwise normal looking apartment features a blood­stained bathroom and a chainsaw just like infamous scene from the movie.


2. Area 69 ­ San Andreas

gta area 69


In San Andreas there lies a secret government research facility north of Fort Carson known as Area 69. While obviously a reference to the real world’s Area 51, Area 69’s interior pays great homage to Half­Life’s Black Mesa Research Facility. It even comes complete with Gordon Freeman’s signature melee weapon of choice — a crowbar.


1. America’s Next Top Hooker ­ GTA IV

gta top hooker


GTA IV had one of the best parodies ever in the form of “America’s Next Top Hooker”. Making fun on the popular reality show “America’s Next Top Model”, the game featured not only billboards but also a hilarious commercial for the fake show. Can reality TV ever get any better? No, it can’t!


What are some of your favorite Grand Theft Auto easter eggs? Let us know on twitter — @warpzonetweets — or in the comment section below. Also be sure to check out the Warp Zone’s YouTube channel! Watch our NEW VIDEO about Grand Theft Auto BELOW!