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Great Responsibilities That Come With The Amazing Spider-Man’s Great Powers

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One of the most anticipated movies of the summer has got to be The Amazing Spider-Man. I mean, hello? It’s friggin’ Spider-Man! Making it even cooler is the fact that we’re back to Peter Parker, high school student. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a big fan of seeing the origin stories of superheroes, especially when they’re awkward high school students dealing with their new-found super powers.  And Uncle Ben is still alive, which makes my heart happy. But dealing with high school problems and saving the world problems at the same time has gotta be all kinds of complicated…am I right? Here’s a look at some of the problems Peter Parker must face as teenage superhero.


Fighting ‘The Lizard’

amazing spider-man lizard gun

The worst thing I had to deal with in high school was the occasional taunts of a few bullies. Sticks and stones and all that good stuff. But having to take on The Lizard? A nine foot tall genetic mutation hell-bent on your complete and utter destruction? It can’t possibly ‘get better’ when dealing with that beast. Until you take him down. But then we all know that another super-villain will just be waiting to take his place.  And you thought finals were rough!


Acting Out After Discovering The Truth About His Parents

amazing spider-man  gwen stacy high school peter parker

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from years of movie-viewing it’s to never open a brief case containing disturbing secrets. Especially when the secrets pertain to your parents who mysteriously vanished years ago. Better off sticking to your fantasies of who they were, than to find out they were flawed human beings just like everyone else.  Then you might start acting out in an immature fashion. Like using your powers for stupid stunts and pranks instead of for good.  Come on, Spidey! You’re a superhero, not one of the stars of Jackass!


Winning Over Gwen’s Father

amazing spider-man gwen stacy

Dating is hard. And meeting your lady love’s parents is definitely one of the most stressful things you have to ever suffer as a young man. Imagine if your girlfriend’s father was the Captain of the NYPD and he was using all of his resources to take you down?  Well technically your alter-ego…but still!


Dealing With All The Wannabes

amazing spider-man arrested gun

In this day and age anyone can pick up a Spider-Man suit and try and make a few bucks off of tourists on Hollywood Boulevard. And I guess it’s fine if they’re representing in a positive light. But it must get frustrating to constantly have to explain to your girlfriend that it wasn’t you groping an elderly lady and then getting arrested for indecent exposure in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater. The least the PO could do is unmask those posers on their Walk of Fame, walk of shame!


Sneaking Around With Gwen

amazing spider-man gwen stacy make out

Sneaking around to see your girl, is a pretty typical high school problem. Sneaking around with your girl, when her father has 500 of NYPD officers looking for you? That’s a problem of epic proportions.  But it’s worth all the risk when you have someone as lovely as Gwen Stacy tending to your wounds. I guess!


Dealing With Uncle Ben’s Disappointment After Failing To Take The Garbage Out

amazing spider-man ben aunt may

Disappointing the best guy you know will always make you feel like crap. Especially when that old garbage starts stinking up the house and a commune of flies set up camp outside your porch. You can always hope that Uncle Ben’s stink face is not due to his disappointment, but rather the week old, discarded tuna casserole festering in the summer heat.


Killing A Spider For Aunt May

amazing spider-man cat spider

You gotta help Aunt May out…I mean she’s Aunt May! But killing a spider is like fratricide or something. You should probably just put it in a jar and set it free in the backyard. Or you can kill it and show it who’s boss. But don’t be surprised when it’s daddy survives a severe radiation exposure and becomes your newest arch-nemesis. Things like this always happen! Well, in the comic book world anyway.

What are some other problems Peter Parker must deal with as a superhero/high school student? Let us know in the comments!

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