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Apple’s Group FaceTime Was Just Announced and It’s Already a Meme?

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Today at their 2018 Worldwide Developer’s Conference, Apple unveiled a few sneak peeks at new software, but one in particular has already caught the attention of the internet: Group FaceTime. As opposed to the current FaceTime app, which allows users to FaceTime with one person, the upgrade will allow up to 32 people to FaceTime each other at once.

Group FaceTime will function with a moving tile display of faces, and when someone begins to talk, their face will float to the front. Along the bottom of the screen is a scrolling bar of users who are also on the chat, which lets you chose who you want to see (whether they’re the primary speaker or not).

Naturally with a feature that’s the IRL equivalent of the ever-infuriating group text, the Internet had some notes

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