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This Guy Apologized to the Stingray He Threatened a Year Ago, and It’s Heartwarming

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It doesn’t always feel like love wins, or that the light side of The Force is prevailing, but today one Twitter user named Gav restored our faith in humanity. He took the time to apologize to the stingray (AKA water pancake) he threatened over a year ago, as a promise of vengeance for Steve Irwin.

This man is the definition of emotionally woke, and Twitter agrees that we should all strive to be more like him…

Well, most of Twitter…

Were you touched by Gav’s show of compassion and forgiveness towards the water pancake? Also, honestly what do you think the chances are for us changing the name of stingrays to water pancakes by the end of 2018? Share all your thoughts with us @Smosh!