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This Guy Got Banned From a Flat Earth Community After Sharing a ‘Forbidden’ Meme

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These are strange times we’re living in, as evidenced by literally everywhere, including (especially) online. One such bizarre place is The Flat Earth Society, an online community whose members believe the earth is not round, as science has long since proven, but is instead flat. Yes, it’s 2017 and this is a thing.

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Twitter user Lord Mandalore decided to troll some Flat Earthers, and ended up kicked out of the Flat Earth Society Discord chat after he posted the following meme:

So while while flat-earthers apparently do believe the earth is flat, they don’t believe dinosaurs were catapulted off it like a see-saw when the asteroid hit. Lord Mandalore’s meme tweet went crazy viral, with some phenomenal responses…

The Flat Earth Society, however, had a response for Lord Mandalore…

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