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GUYS, the Founder of Vine is Working on a Follow-Up App!

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Attention fans of Vine: the founder of Vine, Dom Hoffman, has heard your cries since the short-form video app disappeared, and he has responded by announcing that he’s making a follow-up to it!

Vine fans were more than pleased with the announcement, with many offering their services to beta test the new app, and some even offering to help fund it…

As fans of Vine know, the app was shut down in 2016, but its legacy through the gifs and memes it gave us lives on. And clearly, enough people have been missing Vine to prompt Hoffmann to reboot it. It’ll be interesting to see exactly how he’s going to do that, but our guess is it’ll involve a more ad-friendly interface in order to make it more profitable this time around because that’s probably what killed Vine 1.0 in the first place :(.

What do you hope the follow-up to Vine will be like? Let us hear your thoughts @Smosh!