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How Halo Ruined My Love Life

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As stated before, I love me some video games.

Unfortunately I have yet to balance my love life with my binary mistress.

I have thought about you daily over the past few weeks… and what I could have done differently. Well, I tried to think about you but Halo Reach just came out and, well, you know.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to my last girlfriend for a few things.

The late nights…

I know it was your only sisters wedding. I understand it was important to you. Do you understand how early you must get in line outside the Gamestop for the midnight release? If you are not there a day early, you might as well not go.

I understand that our sexy times are special and should be private. I still can't understand what the big deal is with me wearing the Live headset to bed. Its not like they could see you, and I thought you would be happy that I was multi-tasking.

There was no reason to freak out as you did. You are the one always asking me to roll play. Do you know how much that Master Chief costume cost me?

Maybe, just maybe it was a bad idea to throw you a combination birthday party/Lan party. I understand that all of your friends were there, and it might have been embarrassing that my friends ate most of the food and immediately started a tournament.

I just wanted to let you know that I get it. I could have made a better boyfriend. Maybe we will meet again, maybe at Comic-Con?


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