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The Happiest Celebrity Mugshots!

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Celebrities always seem to be smiling in mugshots. I guess that's because they know they're going to go home made out of limousines and money when they get out. When I get out of jail, I just go back to my cardboard box and try to ferment whiskey out of my old hound dog's tears. Be on the lookout for an especially creepy Andy Dick, and his terrifying dead eyes.


Robert Downey Jr.


Rip Torn


Shia "The Beouf" Labeouf


James Brown


Macaulay Culkin


Vince Neil


Tom Delay


Rush Limbaugh


Paris Hilton


O.J. Simpson


Mickey Rourke


David Faustino


Floyd Mayweather Jr.


Haley Joel Osment


Vanilla "Wafers" Ice


John Edwards


Kid "Lil' Wafers" Rock


Mel Gibson


Michelle Rodriguez


Kimora Lee Simmons




What celebrities do you hope get arrested? What would you like to see them arrested for? Let us know in the comments!


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