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Hard Video Games That Are So Hard I Think Their Fans Have a Problem

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When we were younger, video games were prohibitively expensive, so we’d rent a lot of games. That meant we were really rolling the dice sometimes, and we’d end up getting stuck with an unbelievably crappy game. Even worse, we’d sometimes get an incredibly difficult game. But as time has passed, I’ve been happy to see games become more of an overall experience, as opposed to a test of reflexes and memory. However, some people wish we’d never moved passed that time, and to this day, those people remain dedicated to their beloved incredibly difficult video games. I, on the other hand, continue to believe they are insane.

Dark Souls


Hey did you know they remade Dark Souls in HD? Yeah they did, and the only way Dark Souls fans could be any happier about it would be if the new version let them put their actual lives on the line.

Mega Man


Mega Man is the kind of franchise whose decades-long popularity is extra impressive, given that at no point did it ever have a successful movie or TV show. To this day, people want their Mega Man authentic, which means incredibly difficult. I don’t care what order you kill the bosses in, there’s no boss weapon that’s going to help you jump across disappearing platforms with the precision timing that’s required.



No matter what success he may achieve in comedy, I don’t think any accomplishment will ever be more important to Brian Gaar than the time he successfully beat Battletoads:



“The levels are almost pointless, it’s all about the boss fights.” Then why the hell do I also have to die a bunch of times getting through the levels that are also not exactly super easy?!

NOTE: It’s impossible to hate Cuphead TOO much since it’s one of the most beautiful video games ever made.

Devil May Cry


Devil May Cry devotees are so obsessed with the difficulty that when Capcom made Devil May Cry 2 easier than the first game, the fans rioted. It was the greatest wave of terrorism is the history of the Earth. Okay, I’m exaggerating but like… people were incredibly mad about it. Which is maybe why I tore a Playstation controller in half trying to beat Devil May Cry 3.

People who like vertical shooters


Those vertical shooters where you play a little spaceship avoiding the 10,000 on-screen enemies/bullets/rockets/whatever have been around since the earliest days of video games. And the fact that they are so difficult is the very first thing their fans ever mention. I swear to God, Ikaruga tried to kill me. In real life.