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A **HARRY POTTER** AR game is coming from ‘Pokémon Go’ Developer Niantic

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The idea that we, the real people in the the real world, are anxiously awaiting an owl with our acceptance letter to Hogwarts is one of the most ubiquitous Harry Potter jokes, but today, TechCrunch is reporting that Pokémon Go developer Niantic really will give us the opportunity to step into the HP world… through our phones!

harry potter ar phones
Don’t be disappointed, since that’s already how we interact with the regular world.

Warner Bros. and Niantic are co-developing an alternate reality game called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite for mobile devices with a 2018 release date in mind. That means next year we can all stumble into Dementors when we’re out walking our neighborhood, just like Harry and Dudley.

Oh Jesus, that reminds me of just how much I hate Dudley.

harry potter ar dudley dementor
This scene featured a monster sucking out a young boy’s soul and I honestly didn’t know who to root for.

What sort of magic will we be able to cast in Wizards Unite? Maybe a swish of a finger on the touchscreen for Wingardium Leviosa? A sideways turn for Protego Maxima? A sharp poke for Stupefy? Or could we the game get even deeper into our phones to make its magic happen?

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I know what it could do to make me happy enough to cast a Patronus.

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