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Harry Potter Dominates At The People’s Choice Awards!

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Awards season has officially started! Can I get a 'big whoop'? Well, after an Oscar, a Golden Globe, a SAG Award, a Raspberry, a Teen Choice Award, an MTV movie award and  winning Ultimate Grand Supreme at the Gingerbread Little Miss Beauty Pageant,  perhaps the most coveted award in the entertainment industry is a People's Choice Award. AKA The only way Adam Sandler will ever be 'honored' for his performance in Jack and Jill.

Lea Michele wins for best performance by an actor pretending that they actually care about winning this award.


That being said, you always gotta give it up for anytime Harry Potter is deemed the night's big winner. The final installment of the franchise picked up wins for Best Movie, Best Action Movie, Best Ensemble and Best Adaptation. A lot of people are poo-pooing the wins by pointing out that  it didn't have to face its biggest competition, Twilight: Breaking Dawn. STFU Poo-poo-ers! 1 million points from 'Hateful Haters Who Gonna Hate House!


Sadly, the cast of Harry Potter were no-shows. Breaking with the People's Choice Awards tradition of easily determining winners based on what celebrities have actually shown up. Here's a pic of Tom Felton and Rupert Grint accepting the highly coveted Teen Choice Award. Same shape as a People's Choice, pretty much the same value, but a thousand times more useful. 


The night's other big winner was Katy Perry. Like the cast of Harry Potter, Perry won multiple awards and was also a no-show. Poor thing is still recovering after her separation from hubby Russell Brand. Don't worry, I'm sure her boobs will be shoved back into the public eye soon! Can't wait!


Another lucky winner was Robert Pattinson's discarded hair. Congratulations to the shorn locks for finally escaping the absolute torture of having to deal with Kristen Stewart on a regular basis!

Betty White looking hawt as she pretends to know who the slob next to her is.


Did you watch? What do you think  of the People's Choice Awards? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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