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Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak Created in Real Life!

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Nothing cooler than this has ever happened. Scientists at the University of Texas at Dallas have made the first step towards making Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak a reality. This means that, in theory, soon regular people like you and I will be able to explore the library after dark and spy on Draco Malfoy!

"Nice use of carbon nanotubes to induce photothermal deflection, Potter."

It works in the same way heat make shimmering effect in the distance on the warmest summer days. Basically, these scientists warmed some molecules up super hot and bent light around a sheet of material. The effect made it straight-up disappear, at least to our regular human eyes. If science also invents Mad-Eye Moody, they might cancel each other out.

"And you stay outta the girl's locker room!"

Another great feature of this potential cloak is that it can be turned on and off. Think of those possibilities! Harry Potter had to pull his cloak off and awkwardly shove it in his pocket. You have the ability to shut down the nanotubes and suddenly appear in front of your friends. And if this happened, they would have absolutely no reason to not believe you were a time traveler with important information from the future.

"To save the future you MUST give me twenty dollars and your sister's phone number!"

So if the Invisibility Cloak can be made real, what other Harry Potter items could be next? Deluminators? Mirrors of Erised? The rest of the Deathly Hallows? To be honest, I would love to see a Sorting Hat invented that could sort people into those who will like the ending of Lost and those who won't so I don't bother recommending it to d-bags who are going to make me angry when later on we talk about Lost.

"You'll be kind of miffed they didn't explain what The Island was, but I guess… YOU'LL BE COOL WITH THE ENDING OF LOST!"

For my money, there is nothing more exciting than when something rad and sci-fi becomes reality. When Iron Man suits, fire flowers, and Ewoks start to be invented, well, count me in.


What other science fiction items would you like to see made reality? Post your lists in the comments!

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