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Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker Saves Woman From Racist ‘Jesus’ [Video]

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More often than not axe murderers tend to not be the coolest guys.

rasta hippie
Typical axe murderers are often uncool.

The good folks at Know Your Meme have a video that shows us some axe murderers are not so bad after all. Specifically Kai, the rasta-hippie surfer hobo from South Carolina who just happened to be traveling through town hitch-hiking one night when it became obvious that someone needed to get axe murdered. And who was brave enough to pick up that axe and do the right thing? Motherf*cking Kai, that's who.

kai saves the day
Rasta Hippies are the real super heroes.

The guy Kai was hitch-hiking with was an insane rich white dude. One of those overweight capitalists that thinks having a bunch of money gives him total impunity. He told Kai a crazy story about what he was able to do with money and a 14 year old girl is some tin can third world country, began to weep, then said he was Jesus and he could do anything and slammed his car into a pedestrian. He then got out of the car, saw two girls talking, ran over to them and grabbed one of the girls. Well, I'll tell you what, Kai was hella over that.

axin' time
Axe murder solves most of life's major problems. From stopping an assault to speeding up the service at a fast food restaurant.

Kai did what any happy-go-lucky homeless hippie surfer bum would do, he grabbed his hatchet hit the man in the skull. The girl was saved, Kai could move on looking for sweet surf spots, and all was right with the world. I don't know what Kai stands for in surfer speak, but in my dictionary, it stands for hero. Axe axe-wielding hero.

What situations do you plan to use an axe to solve? Let us know in the comments below!


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