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Heidi and Spencer’s Divorce Scandal

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As anyone who has the internet knows, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have separated.

For a while, no one seemed to be sure if it was another one of the pair’s pathetic and often ill-fated attempts at publicity.

The newly plastic coated Heidi confirms the pair is en route to divorce. She has even acquired a divorce attorney, who will mediate the division of the couple’s property, which is basically a house, a few Twitter accounts, and some Hills DVDs.

Unfortunately, Heidi isn’t looking so great these days, as she sets out to be her old single girl self. What’s a newly divorced female who suddenly looks 45 to do, you ask?

Hit on younger dudes on Twitter, of course. @HeidiMontag writes, “Now that I am getting divorced I think you and I should do a photo shoot together! Cutie ;)! I'm closer to your age.”

The recipient of the Twitter was none other than 16-year-old ladies man @JustinBieber.


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