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Here are 4 Actors You Didn’t Know Started on Reality TV

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It’s hard to break into Hollywood, but still, so many people are trying to get famous. And there are so many different ways to do it — you get cast in a reality show, make a fascinating podcast, or even write a great Tweet. One way to NOT get famous, though, is to be murdered in a horrific way, like Elizabeth Short. Dubbed “The Black Dahlia” by the media, she was an actress who was found dead in Los Angeles in 1947. While none of the actors on this list have been murdered and subsequently renamed by the media (yet), they DID get their start on reality television.

Emma Stone, In Search of the Partridge Family

Emma Stone competed on the singing show In Search of the Partridge Family before she played Ryan Gosling’s love interest in, like, every movie. She’s so gosh-darn likable that there’s no way the press would turn her into some kind of symbol of the end of the Golden Era of Hollywood after her body was found cut in half in the woods, like they did with Elizabeth Short.

Lucy Hale, American Juniors

Before being one of the Pretty Little Liars, Lucy Hale was on a reality show show called American Juniors, which probably didn’t last very long because what kind of a title is that? What does that even mean? You know who probably hoped to have a couple American Juniors of her own one day, but never got to? Elizabeth Short.

Jon Hamm, The Big Date

It’s hard to imagine Jon Hamm having a hard time getting a date, so he probably only went on reality show The Big Date in an attempt to get some fame behind his name. By the way, they say Elizabeth Short could have been murdered while on a date.

Heather Morris, So You Think You Can Dance

Heather Morris got her start by showing off her moves on the reality show So You Think You Can Dance?. Turns out Heather can’t dance as well as the show wanted her to, but she CAN act, as she was great as the vacant cheerleader Brittany Pierce on Glee. It certainly makes you wonder if Elizabeth Short liked to dance too.

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