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Here’s How to Deal When You Have Major FOMO

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So, Coachella was the last few weekends and guess who didn’t go. ME. I was home cleaning the grout in my shower while beautiful people frolicked in the desert with AC/DC and The Weekend. LIFE ISN’T FAIR YOU GUUUUUUYS. Though I wasn’t there, I spent both weekends enviously poring over festival photos on Instagram and Googling what Kendal and Kylie Jenner were wearing (they both were on fleek, for sure). From there, it was a rapid descent into full-blown FOMO — the Fear Of Missing Out. I started feeling really bad for myself, and I even experienced thoughts of regret and anger. Yeesh! If you know exactly what I’m talking about, you can try these tactics to lessen the pain:

Blissful Denial

colbert fomo blissful denial

Turn off your social media alerts on your phone, stay off the internet, and don’t ask any of your friends for details. If you don’t know how much fun they’re having without you, you can pretend what they’re doing is awful. “I bet right now they’re really tired and, like, I bet it’s really crowded there, and I’m sure the traffic coming home will be terrible.” That a boy, reader, you’ve used that negative attitude of yours to imagine your way out of FOMO!

Create Your Own Fun

make your own fun

Hey, you don’t need superstar concerts and tons of friends to have a good time. You can have a party right in your room. That’s right, dim those lights, turn on some funky music and get that groove thang shaking. You don’t need to pay money to go to a party — YOU ARE THE PARTY.

Imagine IN DETAIL the Fun You’re Missing

ariel where people are fomo

Sometimes, a great way to deal is to picture everything in so much detail and watch the footage so many times that you feel like you were there. THAT’S THE POWER OF TECHNOLOGY, LADIES AND GENTLEMAN. For example, I didn’t need to see Madonna kiss Drake like a Dementor live at Coachella because I’ve watched it ten times on Youtube. Be careful though, because when we get our imagination in gear, everything can quickly spiral out of control.

Photoshop Yourself Into the Pictures

fomo photoshop yourself in

You got skillz, time to use ‘em! In fifty years when you look back, you’ll see those Photoshopped pictures and forget you weren’t actually there. You’ll tell your grandchildren, “Yes, that was the time I stood on stage in floaties at the VMAs while Miley was twerking! That’s the way we used to dance!” Then you’ll get up on the table and show them how you used to make your booty pop. Hmm … where was I going with this?

Create an Attitude of Gratitude

im ok girls fomo gratitude

Well, you’re not going to be a part of the fun this time, so you can either steep in FOMO or you can be grateful for what you do have. If you think about it, FOMO is actually hurting us more than helping us. I mean, who wants to be stressed with anxiety and self-hate over the fact that some people are having the best weekend ever? It’s time to realize that we can’t be doing something cool ALL THE TIME. (Next year, though, I’m totally going to Coachella.)

How do you deal with FOMO? Let us know in the comments below!


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