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Here’s What You Should Do on Senior Skip Day

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Second semester senior year, you play by your own rules.You’re pretty much done learning for the year, so you might as well not be there. And that, friends, is why there’s such thing as Senior Skip Day. It’s probably the best day of your high school career — a normal school day, but you don’t go to school. Don’t know what to do when you’re taking the whole day off to cut class? Why not follow our itinerary?

Go to school and ask your teacher if it’s okay to skip

It’s senior. F*cking. Year. You own this school. You don’t need no education! But it’s a good idea to check in with your teacher and make sure she hasn’t planned any important pop quizzes that day. It would really suck to miss a surprise test on Moby Dick, because you worked hard making sure you fully understand the symbolism in that novel!

Leave school

That school has been cramping your style for years. Those brick walls aren’t enough to hold you in. You’re like the wind, you go wherever you like. But doesn’t it feel better knowing that you’re not going to get in trouble for walking off campus before the final bell has rung?

Go to the library

You’re fr-e-e-e-e-e-e! You can go anywhere you want! The shopping mall? A theme park? Maybe those places are a little far away. But your local public library is a little easier to get to. Plus it’s nice and quiet with not a lot going on, so you can really focus on enriching your mind while you’re not at school.

Do your homework

It’s second semester senior year! You don’t have to do sh*t. You already got into college. If you don’t do your homework, who cares? But you know you should, because you’re going to have a ton of homework once you get to college and shouldn’t you take the time to develop good homework habits now?

Go back to school

F*ck that school. Burn it to the ground! Actually, don’t do that because that super dangerous. So maybe go back to school? You’re about to graduate and you’re going to miss it when you’re in college! Especially your teachers!

Turn in your homework

Grades down’t matter anymore! You could just take your homework and shred it! Or you could turn it in, because your grades actually do matter. What if your future employer wanted to see your high school transcript and there was an A- because of the one little day you decided to play hooky? How would that look? Hint: not very good.

Stay a little bit later and work on your extra credit

Why not? It’s senior skip day! Treat yourself by doing extra work! You’ve earned it.

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