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The Highs and Lows of Online Dating

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Online dating can be pretty great, but it can also be pretty awful. Much like the housing crisis of 2006, your self-esteem can be inflated to artificial highs, and when the bubble bursts, you end up in an emotional recession. Here’s what the best of times and the worst of times are like when you’re looking for love online:

There’s a World of Possibilities…

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There are so many people literally at your fingertips. You’re not holding a phone — you’re holding a key waiting to unlock love and happiness. Who knows what awaits for you?!

… But it’s Hard to Make Anything Pan Out

legally blonde alone

Some how you + a billion possible matches = no dates. But what you lack in dates, you make for in unsolicited dick pics at 2 am. Hooray?

It’s so Easy…

easy button

You can find a potential date with a swipe of a finger from the comfort of your own home. It’s almost like flipping through a catalog filled with eligible (or at least pretending to be eligible) suitors. And the best part is, you don’t even need to change out of your sweat pants!

… But it’s Also a Lot of Hard Work

mathew broderick hard work

Searching for some fun in your life can quickly become a chore. Who knew that a bombardment of messages from a bunch of strangers who all find you physically appealing could get old fast? And sifting through a bunch of weirdos and fake accounts to find the one prince in a pile of frogs can be so… tiring.

You Can Post Only Flattering Photos…

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You have total control over how all your potential suitors see you, which means that you can present yourself in the best possible way. So take your selfies with professional hair and make up and a lighting kit. Why not? It’s still you — just the best you, i.e. the you that looks like a supermodel.

… But So Can Everyone Else

adam sandler better looking

Believe it or not, some people lie in their online dating profiles. There’s no way of knowing if what you see is what you’re going to get. You could be swiping right on a photo taken five years ago from a flattering angle of the person’s best friend.

You Could Find Your Soulmate…

the notebook soulmates

You’re putting yourself out there, and that’s the first step in finding true love (according to dating books and my mom). That stranger you swipe right on today could be the one you end up marrying tomorrow.

… Or Your Potential Murderer

jason friday the 13th

You also never know if any of these random strangers on the internet are going to cut off your skin and wear it like a dress. It’s probably better to stay at home, right?

What do you think is the best and worst part of online dating? Let me know on Twitter!