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Horror Movies Your Grandma Might Enjoy

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Grandmas are notoriously bad at getting you presents you like. For instance, my grandma, pictured here eating Strawberry pancakes …

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… just sent me a birthday card with a gift certificate to Hollywood Video. Every Hollywood Video has been closed for at least four months. I don’t even know how she got it.

There’s no one in the world your grandma loves more than you, and yet she gets you the worst presents. So what’s the reason for this disconnect? Maybe you just need to share some of your interests with her. And why not start with horror movies? Here are a few she would love!


1. Child’s Play


Your grandma will love Chucky, as one of her greatest passions is collecting creepy dolls and using them to decorate her guest bedroom.


2. Friday the 13th


Friday the 13th is set at Camp Crystal Lake, which will remind your grandma of all the times she went to summer camp as a child with her cousin Jeannie. The two best swimmers at camp, they were!


3. Halloween


Your grandma might be into Hallowen because the mask Michael Myers wears is actually based off of the face of William Shatner, and you KNOW how your grandma loves William Shatner.

I mean, probably. He is an actor from a long time ago, and I just assume grandmas like all old actors.


4. Nightmare on Elm Street


A Nightmare on Elm Street is the PERFECT movie to trigger a grandma story about the time she and the rest of the neighborhood got together to protect their children by murdering that man down the street who did all those things.


5. No Country For Old Men


Your grandma will get into this not-quite-horror-but-still-scary film because it’s basically a western. Grandparents love westerns — they’re that generation’s Lost.


6. Final Destination


For someone who’s lost as many friends as your grandma, Final Destination is actually a hopeful film.


7. Silence of the Lambs


Certainly your grandma can connect with Hannibal Lecter, a twilight gentleman who enjoys a fine wine and a night at the opera. Why, those are things your grandfather used to enjoy! Oh, and look at that, he also eats the flesh of his victims! Your grandfather used to love to eat the flesh of his victims! Remember?


Any other horror movies you think your grandma might be into? Let us know in the comments!

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