‘John Wick 3’ Launches a New Meme: Horse-Riding Keanu Reeves vs. a Bad Guy on a Motorcycle

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Move over, Sad Keanu — there’s a knew Keanu Reeves-inspired meme in town. And guess what? It is the motherf***ing opposite of sad!

New stills from the upcoming John Wick 3 were released this week, and one in particular has grabbed the heart of the internet: a horse-riding Keanu shoots at a bad guy* riding a motorcycle. And if you’ve seen the other John Wick movies, you know that’s just about the most John Wick thing ever.

(*Note: We’re assuming motorcycle dude is a bad guy because Keanu would NEVER shoot at a good guy. His heart is too pure.)

The picture that’s going viral is the definition of metal, and Twitter is HERE FOR IT…

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