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Hot Tips For Teen Vampires

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With the popularity of the Twilight saga, and shows like The Vampire Diaries & True Blood, Vampires are more popular than ever… especially amongst teens.

This isn't a picture. It's video of them acting


Last month 3 teen girls from Cobb County Ga. involved in some sort of online vampire cult went missing for several weeks… they weren't stalking victims in the night, but they did freak out their friends, family and community. It even made the national news.

Thankfully all three teens were not slayed by Buffy, and are home safe now, but it got a lot of people wondering what's up with this teen vampire cult business?

So I went online and found an endless amount of websites and misinformation geared toward vampire-obsessed teens. How's a teen vampire supposed to know what's real from what's fake? Well I'll tell you.


1. Diagnosis

If you're not sure if you're a vampire there are many online quizzes and surveys that will help you determine if you are, or are not a vampire. Are you pale? Do you hate the sun? Did you paint your bedroom black? These are all signs that you might be a real life vampire.


2. Accoutrement

If it turns out that you are in fact a vampire, but don't have the fangs because vampires are a fake, made up thing, you can take a bite out of your wallet with these fang-shaped veneers, offered by a handful of dentists across the country for about $200 a set. I didn't know that real vampires would need veneers, but it turns out that the do and are happy to shell out the cashola to get them.


3. Resources

I also found out that there are lots of problems that teen "vampires" have to deal with like parents & school… teen vampires have lots of questions about how to enter the vampiric community without lookin' the fool, or how to cope with their "awakening." Thankfully there are many websites devoted to helping teen vamps cope with these issues and more.


4. How To Meet Fellow Vampires

If you want to meet other teens vamps you don't have to go far… just log onto your computer and check out the various teen vampire meet up groups online. You'd think that real vampires wouldn't have to use the internet to find each other. I mean don't they have some kind of psychic connection, or telepathic ability? Nope, turns out they just use the computer like the rest of us.


5. "Coming Out" As A Vampire

Are you a closeted vampire? Many teen vamps are afraid to tell their family and friends that they are in fact vampires. There are so many misconceptions out there about being a vampire. What if the government finds out that you are a vampire? They may try to recruit you to be some kind of elite fighting machine in special ops. Well never fear teenaged vamps, there's a website for that too!

What do you think about this whole teenage vampire epidemic? Do you know someone who believes in vampires? Do you believe in vampires? Are YOU a vampire? I want to know what you think in the comments below.


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