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How to Achieve the Perfect ‘Smize’, a Smile With Your Eyes

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We all know how to smile with our mouths, but do you know how to smile with your eyes? Aka, smize? No? A smize is just a regular smile, but you bring your eyes into it. It looks more natural and friendly, plus Tyra Banks swears by it. What’s not to love about the smize? So if you can only smile with your mouth, but not with both your eyes and your mouth, then read on! We will teach you how to smize!


The most important part of smiling with your eyes is to breathe. Take a moment to get centered. You’re about to smize. It’s important to approach it in the right head-space. But don’t stress out! It’ll come easier than you think. And just have fun with it!

Prepare your eyes

You can’t smile with your eyes without your eyes! So get those baby blues ready to go. Do some eyelid stretches to make sure they can handle the workout. Your eye has six muscles, and they’re all about to do some heavy lifting. You don’t want to pull a single one! And also, have fun!

Laugh or think of something funny

Put yourself in the mindset of someone who is smiling with both their mouth and their eyes. This will make it easier to smize! Maybe your friend just told you a joke? And both your mouth and your eyes reacted to this joke? Whatever’s going to make you have fun! That’s the most important thing!

Focus on your mouth

If you’re going to smile, you gotta use your mouth. That’s how smiles work, even if you’re smiling with your eyes. Concentrate on the facial feature right under your nose and just above your chin. Having fun yet?

Focus on your eyes

Believe it or not, your mouth isn’t the main dish when it comes to the smize — your eyes are just as important! Your peepers are going to be the star of the show as much as your mouth it, and they’re going to have fun!

Focus on both your mouth and your eyes


Can you focus on both your mouth and your eyes at the same time? Yes! That’s the whole point of smize! But also, having fun is the point, so do that too. Uh oh! That’s three things, but we think you can do it! Fun!


Fun, right!?

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