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"How Do I Get My Sister to Sleep With Me?" Top Google Trend

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Ever since the first episode of Ian is Bored we’ve been paying attention to what crazy suggestions Google gives you once you start typing in a search phrase.

But those were just suggestions — we checked in with Google Trends today and saw that “How Do I Get My Sister to Sleep With Me” was near the top of the hot searches.

Now we’re sure that that topic isn’t the least searched thing in the world, maybe a little more popular than “How Do I Resurrect Abraham Lincoln So He Can Lead My Alien Army” but seriously, WTF Googlers???

Did someone hack into Google, or is there really just a huge contingency of “inquiring minds” out there that just want to know how to seduce their sisters?

Does your sister look like left or right?

We clicked through to get further “research,” and saw that things got even more scandalous, oh my. (We had to even black something out.)


Seriously, what are people doing with their spare time that we don’t know about?

In this instance the searches “how do i get pregnant,” and “how do i get to dalaran,” which is an imaginary place in World of Warcraft, seems downright normal.

What is maybe the funniest thing is that in Google Trends side-by-side with “How Do I Sleep With My Sister” was the gentlemanly topic, “trinity squash.” The racket game, squash, seems like it would be the least hot topic, especially in a world with people really wondering about how to get into bed with their sisters.

But during a championship between two fancypants colleges in Connecticut this guy who won felt so dominant that he decided to intimidate his opponent with some crazy man-animal taunt that would’ve totally got his ass kicked on the basketball court.

Skip through to :37 for some hilarious Squash smack talk:

So….what’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever searched for on Google?