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How To Have A Summer Fling

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Countless summers I have spent at the beach scoping out everyone from the hot lifeguards to the guys donning boogie boards like their shields. And year after year I was always after one thing and one thing only: the perfect summer fling.


For years and years I have paraded myself around in the skimpiest bikinis and splashed around in the waves like a crazy Lindsay Lohan, thinking this would attract the summer fling of my dreams.


I was wrong. But I finally figured it out! I realized what I was missing to get all the boys… Balls.


You heard right, my friend. Balls. Boys love playing games. But they especially like ball games. Bring a football to the beach or a volleyball, and you'll attract all the hotties. They'll be bending over backwards to touch those balls. Balls will guarantee a hot summer fling.


There is one thing that boys like more than playing with balls, and that is a delicious mellon. So if you want to have a summer fling you're going to have to pay serious attention to your mellons. Watermelon and cantaloupe are good snack choices when packing your beach food. Sucking down a cold melon is the tits when you're spending a long hot day at the beach with your fling.


One other thing I've learned about having a summer fling on the beach is to watch out for crabs. Those pesky sonuvabitches, quite frankly can be irritating in more ways than one. Whenever I come in contact with crabs, I get all itchy, but I think it might just be because I'm allergic to shellfish.

Also, screaming like a wuss because a crab bit you isn't very hot.


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