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How To Live Life LIKE A BOSS II [Gifs]

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In life we are given a choice. Do we do things normally, or do we do things… LIKE A BOSS? These people have made the choice to live life like a boss. Maybe you should too.

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These might take a moment to load, but be patient. They're worth it.


Light a fire (Like A Boss)


Ride a horse (Like A Boss)


Take a seat (Like A Boss)


Park a car (Like A Boss)


Put on clothes (Like A Boss)


Throw a strike (Like A Boss)


Ride a motorcycle (Like A Boss)


Punch a bear (Like A Boss)


Pour a beer (Like A Boss)


Hitch a ride (Like A Boss)


Fall down stairs (Like A Boss)


How To Live Life LIKE A BOSS [Gifs]