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How To Live Life LIKE A BOSS III [Gifs]

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In life we are given a choice. Do we do things normally, or do we do things… LIKE A BOSS? These people have made the choice to live life like a boss.It's way dangerous, so don't try and be this boss at home!

These may take a moment to load, but be patient. They are worth it!.


Skateboard (Like A Boss)


Get off a desk (Like A Boss)


Trim the bushes with a chainsaw (Like A Boss)


Make some toast (Like A Boss)


Get out of a car (Like A Boss)


Workout (Like A Boss)


Light a match (Like A Boss)


Put on a hat (Like A Boss)


Jump a car (Like A Boss)


Stop a bike (Like A Boss)


Throw a pitch (Like A Boss)


Escape a fire (Like A Boss)


Avoid a train (Like A Boss)


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