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How To Make The Most Of The Single Life

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So it’s, like, really September now. Guess it’s time to transition into boots, no-reason pumpkin lattes, and being single. What? You didn’t honestly think that summer romance was gonna last. Didn’t Grease teach you anything? Summer flings that carry over into fall just result in strange leather outfits and a serious hair mistake. Better start learning to enjoy the single life! Here’s how:


Eat What You Want To Eat


All those times your significant-whatever asked you where you wanted to go to dinner, and you were like, “I don’t care,” but you secretly did care? You don’t have to deal with that anymore! If you have a craving for Indian, you can eat that curry without worrying that he’s “more of a hamburgers and pizza guy.” Kraft macaroni and cheese with cottage cheese? Allowed, without side-commentary that that’s a gross combination. (It’s good! Why won’t anyone listen to me on this?) And you know what else? If you’re buying your own dinner, there are no guilt-induced “halfsies” decisions. Hello, all the pasta!


Attend Everything


Given the opportunity, you’d be a good friend to all your friends, right? But when you were in a relationship, you couldn’t always make the call as to what your weekend plans were. As a single, you can say yes to all evites, embodying that friend-who-can-be-counted-on. And the more functions you attend, the more comfortable you will feel. You’re gonna start walking into group dinners with an air of: “I walk into group dinners like it’s my job.” If nothing else, you’ll be able to fine-tune your response to, “What’s new with you?” (Pro-tip: I’m good, just working a lot.)


Go Through A Phase


Now is the time to try being more of a hippie or someone who would conceivably buy something at Marc Jacobs. Why not? The most your friends will say is, “Are those new shoes?” – you’re not going to have to answer to anyone being like, “I can’t be seen with that feather in your hair.” Go ahead: stop by the Farmer’s Market. Maybe you eat vegetables now.


Dance Like Nobody’s Watching


Because nobody is!


Save Your Smile


Chances are, as you and your summer love were flinging yourselves into bed, you weren’t stopping to put in your retainer. Romance is fleeting; your bottom teeth are for life. It’s gonna hurt for the first three nights, but if you can push through that, it gets better. Nothing worse than feeling like a jerkbag at your dental checkups. Do you know how much those braces cost your parents?


Roll Over


You’re free to take up the whole bed. In fact, I’d encourage you to take this time to flail like a Gaga backup dancer. You won’t be in anyone’s way. If you’ve got a queen bed, why not live like one?


Listen To Jack Johnson


…or whatever artist you and your boo used to cuddle to. Just because the two of you broke up doesn’t mean you have to stop seeing that distinguished singer/songwriter. Half the time I’m upset about a break-up, it’s really because I resent not being able to play “Better Together” without feeling like a fool. Once you’ve desensitized yourself to “In Between Dreams,” you’ll know you’ve officially moved on. Dance about it!


What do you guys think? Any other tips for making the most of the single life? Post them in the comments section!


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