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How To Make YOUR OWN Facebook Chat Emoticons

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Have you heard about the new chat feature on Facebook? Facebook just will NOT STOP CHANGING! It basically allows you to create custom emoticons using the profile pics of your friends or celebrities, pretty much anyone or anything that has a Facebook account, even fan pages.

All you need to do is double bracket the user name or user ID number found in that page's URL.

So for instance on Smosh's page :,  the user name would be smosh. Duh!

And if you went into chat and typed [[smosh]] this would appear:    

Kind of cool, right? But what does a Smosh emoticon mean??? Is it the new LOL? Does it mean 'Friendship Always Wins'? SHUT UP!? We need to figure this out, people!! I think we need to come up with a standardized list of some chat emoticons so we're all on the same page. I'll start…Here are some of my suggestions.


Sorry, But Imma 'Bout to Piss All Over What You Just Told Me– [[10150104347315403]]


Hey, at least you're giving a warning. I don't think R. Kelly was that polite about it.


Wait…How Old Are You?– [[207115835988356]]


If she seems out of your league, yet is suprisingly interested in you, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself. 


Gotta Run– [[tacobell]]


No long goodbyes. No questions asked. Some secrets shall remain in the bathroom.


I Know You're Really A Good Guy But You're Acting Like A D*ck Right Now– [[75616448950]]


Just because he's a Brony doesn't mean that he can't like a D-bag. This is perfect for when you wanna put a guy in his place, but you don't wanna crush him completely by putting this:



Not Funny– [[198982910112941]]


Nothing says 'not funny' more than Carrot Top. This is also good for 'Your muscles make me puke.' Hey, you never know…you might need it one day.




Finally! Twilight serves a purpose!


Google It Or Imma Have To Google That–[[186656474699482]]


One of the best things that happened this year, or actually ever, was when Snooki claimed that the ocean was salty because of Whale sperm. And then instructed us to Google it. Therefore her picture is perfect for demanding the same when your friends refuse to believe the crap you spew out. Hopefully they don't check.


Hello? Are You Still There? Where'd You Go?– [[FapFapFapFap.B ]]


Don't you hate when you're chatting with someone and they just disappear? You'll get their attention fast when they think you think they got it going on with themselves. Hopefully they're not. Cause that would be awwwwwwwkward.

Have you tried out the new feature? What do you think? What are some other ideas for chat emoticons? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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