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How To Seduce A Nerd

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Nothing better than a hot nerd, right?

They can serenade you with Mozart, do your calculus homework and trick out your Blackberry with cool apps! They might make you feel dumb from time to time, but they are worthy investment, since most scrawny dweebs end up being multi-gajillionaires.

So prepare your pocket protector and straighten your glasses, I’m going to help you get a nerd of your own to turn into a sexy piece of nerdy ass.

1. Compliment their awesome roller backpack.

2. Tell them about your armor specs in WoW.

3. Spell out BOOBIES on your calculator… LOL

4. Talk about about how you find onomatopoeia sexy.

5. Go into great depth about how Picard was superior to Kirk.

6. Say “fail” “ftw” and “lulz” in every conversation.

7. Ask them to go on a LARP date with you.

Whose the hotter nerd?

…or Milhouse?

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