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How To Spot A Player

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You just met a new guy and he's funny, he's charming, and he's saying all the right things to make you weak in the knees. But how can you tell if he's the real deal…


The Edward to your Bella…

Or just a player looking for an easy target?


No worries! The following tips will have you sorting the keepers from the gamers in no time.


Man of Mystery

A player will be very mysterious about his life and intentionally vague with details like what his work schedule is and who keeps calling his phone. International spies aside (they're a whole other mess), secrecy is rarely a good thing in a guy: if he's not playing games then he's probably an unemployed bum evading debt collectors or a wanted criminal fleeing the police (what's your pleasure?).


The Harem

Players go through lots of women and like to have several in the queue at any given time. If your guy has lots of female friends, coworkers, or clients that he mentions, meets with, or runs into often he's likely "working out of more than one office" and you're not the only "sprinkle on his cupcake." (mmm, cupcakes…)


Missing in Action

A guy is probably playing the field if he's only available on certain days of the week and/or tends to go MIA for days or weeks on end without explanation. Unless he's a super hero with a secret identity (I heart you, Clark Kent) it's just not worth it.


Last Minute

Even the smoothest of smooth operators can occasionally double-book or end up with no one to hang (*sleep*) with on a Saturday night. Beware of frequent last minute cancellations, late night booty calls, or dates made spur of the moment (unless of course you also had plans fall through and you're down with it, then you go girly).


Prince Charming

Players have had lots of practice and are experts at saying exactly what women want to hear and (even more importantly) sounding like they really mean it. They'll get your attention by either being charming and full of pretty words and flattery or shockingly blunt and kinda crude (why do we like that?).


His Awesome Ego

Although he may appear endearingly shy or humble a player really believes he's super awesome and that you should count yourself lucky just to be near him. He'll find subtle ways to fish for compliments draw attention to his awesomeness at every opportunity (lest you forget).


A player will be uber confident and assertive, and won't waste time approaching you and making his intentions clear. Sadly, in this world of awkward and insecure ninny-men it's often hard to turn down such manliness.


Good luck ladies!


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