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How to Stand Out at Prom

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Everyone wants to be stand out, especially at their senior prom. Most people try to simply stand out as being the most beautiful… they get their hair done, pick out a fancy dress at the mall and call it a success!
There are others however, that need a bit more help to feel like they truly stood out in a sea of spray tans and Crest Whitestripped smiles. If you are one of those people, I have some suggestions for you to feel special at prom.

Wear Converse

Tried and true method of getting everyone to say “Wow, look how different and unique they are!” is wearing Converse All Stars under your prom dress/ with your tux. Of course this method lacks originality and flair, but whatevs. You’ll still be muy comfortable and look like a rock star.

Make Your Outfits Out Of Duct Tape

Now, I don’t know where this came from originally, but whoever thought of the idea to make their dress out of duct tape was probably an unfortunate soul who didn’t have enough money for fabric and a sewing machine. Since then, there’s been a duct tape dress in 1 out of 5 proms across the nation. So, like Converse, its not really the most original idea you could carry out, but if you like looking shiny and feeling sticky, definitely go this route.

Trade Genders For The Day

You wear the Tux and your guy date can wear the dress. I would’ve done this, had I really cared about standing out at prom. It’s probably one of the funniest and cutest things you can do. Not to mention, it looks hilarious in pictures. Especially when you take all the pictures that are gender specific (“Girls, get together and smile!”).

Dress Like Gaga

Everyone knows that Gaga is the ultimate fashion icon of the moment, and she definitely has the kind of style that is… eye catching (to say the least). So take a page from her book and pretend you’re a mental patient for the day. Plastic wrap, tape, and weird plush objects should be kept in mind when preparing for this look.

Wear A Dress Made Of Condoms

Talk about making a statement about safe sex on prom night! You might scare the parents cameras away with this one, and I imagine it would get quite sticky and stinky when you dance, but you will definitely drop a few jaws (and possibly a few pants!) with this dress.

Wear Your Dress Backwards

You are bound to turn a few heads, especially if your dress is backless. You’ll be more popular than Tara Reid by the time the night is over!

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