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How to Tell Your Girlfriend She Has a Mustache

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The weekly update from Melanie on the state of dating affairs in the world.

No guy wants to make out with a girl and get his lip chafed by her manstache.

If your girlfriend has more testosterone than your dad, this guide might help you build your courage to tell her.

1. Give her a razor for your anniversary.

2. Ask her if she’s a fan of Frida Kahlo.

3. Tell her she can get a job in the circus
working alongside the bearded lady.

4. Leave a Wooly Willy in her room with
long hair and a magnet mustache.

5. Wonder out loud if she’s
Burt Reynolds’ long lost daughter.

6. When playing Mario Party with her, note how much sexier
you think Mario would be without his signature ‘stache.

Do you know any chicks with mustaches?