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How To Throw A Hunger Games Premiere Party

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The weekend we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! No, not National Chocolate-Covered Raisin Day (although that legit is March 24, google it)… “The Hunger Games” is in theaters! And since all your friends have read the books, why not host a premiere party to celebrate both literacy and conformity? Bust out the cardboard cutout of Liam Hemsworth that you’ve been needing an excuse to display– it’s time to throw down like they do in The Capitol. Here are some ideas to get you started!




Reassign Social Hierarchy


It’s important that all your guests know their place walking into the party. When you send out the invitation, make sure to include a link to this website, which will use a carefully calibrated formula (I assume) to assign each guest to a district. Sit back and smugly watch as the cool kids become humble citizens of District 9 or 10, and Smelly Jerald gets his swag on as a member of District 1. Because you’re the host, it’s only fair that you’re automatically a resident of The Capitol, so feel free to place bets on your guests’ survival and generally be a dick to everyone.


Do A Red Carpet Of Weird


Tell everyone to dress up in costumes that would get them to the final round of Project Runway: Asylum Edition, and have some plebe from District 12 film you as you interview your guests. Be sure to make them reveal personal information about themselves and create an extreme persona for the night, just to keep things interesting. Tip: keep a fire extinguisher on hand in case some idiot literally lights him or herself on fire.


Eat All The Things


The best part of The Hunger Games is when Katniss attends the feast at The Capitol and learns that it’s socially sanctioned to binge eat, throw up, and then eat some more. We’re not advocating bulimic behavior, but how fun would it be to have one event where it’s totally cool if you eat that fourth slice of pizza, second gigantic cupcake, and entire bowl of Scoops, even after the guacamole is gone? You’re about to work it off when you…


Force Physical Competitions


Make everyone do a talent show of the ways in which they could survive in the wild. Do we have any archer-ers? Knife throwers? Anyone especially good at Duck Hunt? Not only is this fascinating to watch and on-theme, but you now know who you’d want for allies should the zombie apocalypse actually come to fruition.


Hit On Your Crush


You for sure invited your friend-crush. Now is your chance to make a move, risk-free. If you get rejected, you can say you were just doing it for the cameras and/or the Panem rebellion. Yeah, you set up cameras. You’re in character, whatever.


Kill All Attendees


Who in their right mind would attend a “Hunger Games” theme party and expect to get away unscathed? There can only be one survivor, and you’re the one in charge, so… that’s their own fault. Besides, you guys couldn’t have all gotten seats together in the theater anyway.


What would your Hunger Games party look like? Let us know in the comments!


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