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How To Troll People IRL

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I love trolling! There I said it.

But you don’t have to stop after you shut off the computer… You can troll people in real life! It's even more fun to see their shocked expressions in peron. I will help you troll in real life for fun and profit, well at least for fun.


Out a friend

One of the easiest trolls is to walk up to a group of friends and ask “are you coming out”? Make sure to say this to no one in particular as to get a nice cross-troll action going.


Its herp-tacular

Another one that is best in a group… When you see a friend with a new love interest ask him/her if the cream that the doctor gave them cleared up their rash.


Crazy eyes

IRL Trolling 101 states that when you are talking to someone, you look slightly to the side. Most people will be too nice to ask if you have an issue with your eyes but you will know better. Unless you do have crazy eyes in which case you’ll probably be looking behind you.


Loud noises

Just randomly click and yelp throughout that job interview, no one would dare ask about your Tourette Syndrome. In fact, James Durbin has made Tourette Syndrom super popular.


You are so fly

Take a pair of pants and cut the little flap that covers the zipper off. I call this the lazy mans troll.


Misquote everything popular

Misquote Star Wars, Harry Potter and Rebecca Black songs. Nerds and tweens are the easiest troll bait.


The conversationalist

Engage in every conversation, especially if you know nothing of the topic! Say that the misrepresentations you just made are quotes from Albert Einstein. Make outrageous statements about things you know absolutely nothing about and then sit back and enjoy as people try to prove you wrong.

In the end trolling is about getting attention no matter how you do it. Do you have any other IRL trolling tecniques? Let's share in the comments below.

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