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A ‘Hunger Games’ Inspired TV Show In The Works?

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Well, the CW network is known for two things– cheesy soaps aimed at teens and shows that are usually riding the coattails of something that is currently popular. See Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries. Both of which I shamefully admit to watching. WHEN IS A NEW VAMPIRE DIARIES EPISODE AIRING, CW!?! Now it appears that they are combining their two fave genres into one. It's called The Selection. Or as everyone else is calling it 'The Hunger Games without all the good stuff".  

The girl on ICE?


The Selection, based on a new book that comes out April 24th, takes place in a Panem-like world, where girls are chosen to fight it out in a televised battle…to marry a prince. Way to scrub all the awesome badassness out of it!  The Selection is being described as 'The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games." Okay I'm down with seeing a bunch of dumbass bachelorettes fight to death to marry some pretty boy d-bag…they are fighting to the death..right? Hello?


'HELL NO!' says the lame people in charge of TV!  This is a love story! A fairy tale! It's for woman who are uncomfortable with the idea that they are equal to men. I kid, I kid. It seems custom-made for all those Hunger Games 'fans' who wished the movie focused more on the Katniss/Gale/Peeta love triangle. You know the same ones who didn't read the books and get mad when you say something that happens in them like it's a friggin' SPOILER!?! 


Well, one thing they have going for them is that Aimee Teagarden from Friday Night Lights is rumored to be the Katniss 2.0.  And she is pretty awesome. But I don't know about this whole thing. I mean first of all, it's being described at The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games!! And second of all, see the first of all. I can't imagine Katniss would ever fight for some dude. DUDES BE FIGHTING OVER KATNISS, YO!


What do you think of The Selection? Will you check it out? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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