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Hunger Games Theatrical Trailer Released!

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Guys, it’s here. The Hunger Games trailer.



What I like about the Hunger Games series is that’s supposedly a “young adult” series, but the whole thing is about teenagers brutally murdering each other for sport.

I'ma kill a fourteen-year-old! Yay!


Classic teen interest right there. I’m surprised MORE young adult novels aren’t about teens murdering each other. Twilight could really use that, actually.

Bella and friends get ready for a week of deadly area area combat.

As a fan of the books, I say this trailer looks pretty good. Although, I do have to say that although Jennifer Lawrence is pretty and a fine actress and I’m sure a nice person, her neck looks TOO LONG in this movie. Did they use computers to enhance it? Look at it.



It’s really nice it just seems so long! (That’s what SHE SAID! ZING!)


What do you think? Does the trailer look epic or meh? Does it even make sense if you haven’t read the books? Let us know in the comments.

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