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I Bedazzled My Underwear

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Have I mentioned that I am incredibly lazy?

And cheep!

So I am shopping… I hate shopping. I try to only go clothes shopping twice a year. I hate the salespeople, the dressing room and the fact that someones ass might have been in these pants before mine.

I bought about 30 pair of underwear and thought that they would last me a year. I got them home and discovered that the fly in the front of them was kind of flapping open. The usual containment that the overlapping cloth provides was gone!

My sheep were getting out of the pasture! If that's going to happen why would one even wear underwear? Not being the commando type nor the type that want to be seen returning underwear, I set out to fix the problem.

I can't sew so that wasn't an option.

I thought that I might be able to get away with safety pins. 
Safety pins tend to loosen up and get all pokey.

That is when the light came on, the Bedazzler! The one that I got for Christmas that somehow someone though “Hey, who likes to put sparkly things all over his clothing? I know, its my 35 year old straight cousin”.

So I Bedazzled the fly shut on all of my underwear.

I am not proud that I have sparkly underwear but necessity being the mother of invention I am considering marketing my shiny unmentionables.

I am thinking of calling them either “Bling-wear” or “South of the Border Sparklers”.

I am open to other name ideas.


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