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I Got A Mani-Pedi… And I Loved It!

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Well, maybe not "gay" but metrosexual to be sure. 

So, I'm dating this cute little gal who happens to own a day spa. Sounds cool right? Who wouldn't want to date a hot girl who owns her own business? So I try to be a good boyfriend and decide to surprise her with a special delivery and bring her lunch at work! I'm all class.

Lunch turned into a tour of the facility, which turned into her demanding that I get a full on mani-pedi.

Not knowing what this was, and fully trusting that my girlfriend had my best interest at heart, I agree to this "mani-pedi". Only after having two women unlace my shoes was fully informed of what is involved with a mani-pedi.

The mani part I was okay with, but as stated here on Smosh many times, I have a huge issue with feet. I don’t like other people’s feet, I don’t care for my feet, I don’t want to touch other people’s feet and most certainly do not want other people touching my feet!

Those days are over! I have been converted!

I tried to struggle out of my chair, but after wrestling with three full-grown women (which has always been a fantasy of mine) I gave up the fight and resigned myself to the horrible fate awaiting me.

I was sanded, trimmed polished and massaged. I never knew there were places like this. What started as a terrifying adventure turned into pure heaven! Why have I never been told about these places before? Why have you ladies kept this a secret from us men until now?

After generously tipping the ladies and kissing my girlfriend on the cheek, I bounce out of the spa with a spring in my step and a song in my heart.

For a fleeting moment I even considered buying a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes and watching Sex and the City.

What do you think? Should men be getting mani-pedis? Too gay? Let me know in the comments below.


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