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I Might Be Gay (Not In A Gay Way)

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As I sit here in high-back Louis the 14th chair wearing my blood red velveteen smoking jacket and adjusting my lace cravat, I ponder why most of my friends and family think that I might be gay… and not just asexual.

I guess as you pass your mid 30’s the “happy bachelor” veil is torn, and replaced with the “whats his problem” one.

I must admit that aside from the fact that I haven't married and rarely date, a few other character issues that I have might lead one to believe I have gone all Will N Grace.


I Spent The Last Superbowl Watching Reruns of Ellen

I mean her sitcom from a decade ago, not her talk show. She is just as funny now, I just prefer to relive the days when I thought I might have had a shot.


I Love Romantic Comedies

Some Sunday afternoon you may find me curled on my couch, wearing a Snuggie and watching Notting Hill.


I Love Women's Shoes!

I don't love them in a creepy Craigslist way, I just think that a woman in a very nice set of heels looks very classy. I have been know to comment on how much I liked a woman's choice in footwear, most women tend to like the attention and thank me.


I Am Always Tastefully Cologned And Well Dressed

Maybe this would be considered metro-sexual. Is that still a thing?


Sometimes I Need To Dance It Out

I like to ballroom dance. I learned how when I was a kid and find it to be a great stress reliever.

If this makes me gay, so be it. I wear the badge with honor and pride.


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