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I See Invisible Clowns

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A 40 year-old man was visiting his mom but I don’t think she will ever invite him back, not unless she wants another case of invisible clowns.

The man was on some sort of drug that was making him think that there was invisible clowns in his moms house, so he did the most logical thing, pulled out his shot gun and shot at them.

I don’t know how you see invisible clowns, I mean they’re INVISIBLE, you can’t see anything that’s invisible. So basically this man was just shooting at random objects in his moms house, he must have destroyed it.

The mother eventually called the police, and just in case you’re wondering, that is the best this to do when a crazy man is firing off a shot gun in your house.

When the police got to the house, the man came to the door, still yelling at clowns that weren’t there, and then he decided to go back in the house and shoot some more of those pesky invisible bastards.

The police were waiting outside with guns drawn. I bet this man would have been shot to death if it wasn’t for him slipping and falling the second time he came to the door… or maybe the clowns tripped him.

When he fell, the police captured him and he told them how many invisible clowns he killed, and that the clowns killed his mom… which they didn’t.


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