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Ice T Is a Huge Gamer, and Here Are Some the Best Ice-T Gamer Tweets

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He’s a hip-hop icon. A long-running TV detective. And… a hardcore gamer? Yes, that’s right: when he’s not making incendiary music or solving crimes for Dick Wolf, Ice T is playing himself some video games. Are you thinking to yourself, “No way. It must be an act. He’s pandering to us!”? One: you’re lucky Ice T is not around to hear you say that mess. Two: Take a look at these bonafide tweets and tell us Ice T is faking it. Mooovin on.

Would you want to game with Ice T? Or would you throw your controller down and run away, lest your avatar become part of his body count? Give me a follow on Twitter and let us know. But be warned: Most of my gamer tweets are specifically about Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels.