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If The Cast Of Jersey Shore Was Replaced By The Cast Of Harry Potter

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I don't know about you guys but I'm really bummed about Harry Potter being over. I kind of want the cast to stay together forever, ya know? It got me thinking…how about just sticking them all together in the Jersey Shore house? No more reality TV guidos, Harry Potter forever. Now that's what you'd call a win win situation. Things would definitely be very different…here's just a few examples how.


Matthew "The Situation" Lewis


Matthew is the ultimate wingman! Just let him loose and the hot tub will be stocked with hotties in no time! Even the girls he rejects are cuties. Matthew Lewis…President and C.E.O. of the Grenade Free Foundation!


The Girl Cast Members Will No Longer Be Skanks


When the Harry Potter girls go clubbing there will no longer be visible side-boob, exposed butt-crack or limo-leaving crotch shots. Yet, somehow, even completely covered, Emma Watson is a thousand times sexier than all the guidettes in the world combined. She'd even bring elegance to the act of eating a pickle. And that girl eats more pickles than Snooki! Don't be surprised when next year's hot comic-con costume for fanboys is a Kosher dill. 


T-Shirt Time Would Become Tea Time


Ed Hardy would be replaced with Earl Grey. Strumpets replaced with crumpets. After tea, the cast will probably just settle in for the night. Maybe a game of charades or, if they're feeling a little randy, perhaps a game of  'snog, marry, stupefy?' The only drama we'll get from this group is when the girls get mad after all the guys choose to snog the character of Bellatrix Lestrange.


SPF Is The New GTL


The boys will still do laundry, and the gym on occasion, but it's not like they're gonna obsess about it! They're bloody hell on holiday for chrissakes!


Choreographed Routines By Alan Rickman In, Fistpumping Out!


Any meathead can fistpump, but it takes actual talent to handle the complicated dance moves that Alan Rickman will throw your way! The dance floor will clear when the cast members bust out their sassy bump and grind routine to 'All The Single Ladies.' A cell phone video of this performance will go viral. Unlike the old cast  of Jersey Shore, who only share viral things that nobody wants. 



The Smush Room Will Be Turned Into A Library


Emma Watson knows that nothing is sexier than reading. And she's right. 100% of the guys I asked said they would prefer to watch Emma read than actually smush Snooki. Scientific FACT, people.


Different Slang


It'll be hilarious watching the cast call a musclehead gorilla a dodgey wanker before telling him to bugger off. He'll look even dumber than normal as he tries to figure out what just happened. You don't need a magic wand to stupefy a knob head!


That Sh*t Is Finally Going DOWN Between Daniel Radcliffe And Robert Pattinson!


Hey, even this clean-cut star can't help but have a little juicehead rub off on him! Get ready for the greatest  'Come at me, Bro!' of all TIME!!!!!!!

What are some other ways things would be different if the cast of Harry Potter took over the Jersey Shore? Tell me your funny ideas in the comments!

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