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IHOP Vs. Hip Hop

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As I sit here on a Friday afternoon pondering the great mysteries of life questions like "Is there a God?" "What is the meaning of life?" and "What happens when we die?" I decided that these questions are too deep for me to ponder with a crazy hangover.  I decided to tackle a simpler question.

Which is better, an IHOP restaurant or Hip Hop music?

Lets take a look at them both.



Although the servers at IHOP (usually women) are very sweet and always attentive, they almost never shake their money makers.



I do see the IHOP hostesses with tons of flare on, but a “Try my buttermilk pancakes” pin is no match for a solid gold pimp cane.



IHOP wins this category hands down! Have you had their Belgian waffles? The only food stuff that I see in rap videos is champagne. And they don't always drink it, they are often just pouring it on girls.



HipHop wins this category. Its not hard to beat the Muzak version of La Vida Loca that I can hear at my local IHOP.



Again HipHop wins this category. To be honest it is not very hard to win a clothing contest when your competition wears a polyester Quaker dress.



You might think that HipHop has this category in the bag. You might think that but you would be wrong.

I truly enjoy going to IHOP at 2 AM to see the drunks waddle in from the bar down the street. There is always a fight or some guy that spends 20 minutes trying to put a nickle in the quarter slot of the gumball machine only to exclaim “This thing is broken!"

What do you like more? IHOP restaurants or Hip-Hop music? Let me know in the comments.


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