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Internet Rigs Contest So Creepy Dude Can Smell Taylor Swift’s Hair

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Pop/country superstar and serial heartbreaker Taylor Swift has lots of fans, but her “biggest fan” might just be a 39-year-old bearded man named Charles Z, a man who REALLY wants to smell her hair.


taylor swift hair smell


I bet it smells great.


Boston’s KISS 108 FM is having a contest where the person voted “Biggest Taylor Swift Fan” wins tickets to Taylor’s July 27th show in Boston, and even gets to meet Taylor backstage. Sounds like a dream come true for 14-year-old girls everywhere, but one poster from the infamous internet imageboard thought that 39-year-old “fan” Charles Z deserved a chance too. After a thread about Charles Z’s Taylor Swift dream got popular, he was flooded with votes, and quickly rose in the rankings. Reddit users and others from around the internet have joined in, and now Charles is leading the contest for Biggest Taylor Swift fan.

charles z biggest taylor swift fan


I bet that KISS 108 FM ends up disqualifying Charles Z because of “fraudulent votes,” which is a real shame. This will probably be his only chance in life to sniff around Taylor Swift’s head.

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