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IT Guy Unknowlingly Live Tweets Osama bin Laden’s Death!

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Normally tweets are about what you are eating or how you feel about "Biggest Loser," but sometimes they make history. IT consultant Sohaib Athar of Pakistan just wanted to "take a break from the rat-race" by taking his laptops to the mountains of Abbottabad in northern Pakistan and ended up accidentally live tweeting one of the biggest events in history…

He live tweeted the raid that KILLED Osama bin Laden.

He had no clue he was giving live updates on one of the most daring helicopter assaults in history.

For Sohaib it was really just a bunch of annoying noise in the middle of the night… he had no idea that Navy Seals were targeting the world’s most wanted terrorist!

Could this have been the bang that killed Osama bin Laden? We will never know… but maybe.

And then things got quiet.

And Sohaib tried to figure out what had happened. Where did the helicopters come from? Whose were they? He started frantically tweeting back and forth with locals and friends. He realized that it must have been a big deal. Bigger than he originally thought.

And as he read the news, he started putting two and two together.

And he realized he'd been live tweeting the raid on Osama!

A tired Sohaib tweeted his frustration… after all he's just an IT guy trying to get away from the "rat-race" and get a little rest.


And finally he could get some sleep, but the online world was buzzing with news of his live tweets. His in bin was filled with emails, he couldn't keep up.

His name was trending on Twitter! And because of his awesome live tweeting skills, Sohaib now has a whopping 50,000 + people following him on Twitter and I'm one of them!

And now he's got a bunch of new fans!

What an amazing story! Can you believe that they finally got Osama bin Laden? It's insane. I can't believe it. Now the jokes are starting…

And conspiracy theories are starting.

Turns out that after they identified the body of Osama bin Laden, they dumped the body at sea. I mean, it makes sense. You don't want to burry it somewhere and give his supporters a place to gather… and you can't cart a dead body around the world and show it off to people or you look like a bunch of monsters. The right thing to do with the body is to dump it at sea… and now we can all sit back and watch the crazy people spin their conspiracy theories about why the military did something that makes perfect sense.

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