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Japan Gets a Kitty Police Officer!

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Ever since I was a boy, my dream has been to be a police officer. And here in America, it's one of the easiest jobs to get because all you really need is a GED and an abrasive attitude. But man, if I were in Japan? All the plum spots on the Japanese police force are being taken by cats!

cat as a cop

That's right, Lemon, a former stray on the streets of Kyoto, Japan, was brought in off the streets and into the Yoro police station. Right then and there he got suited up and was off on his first case. Lemon has instantly become the station's cutest officer!

cobra commander-looking japan cop
It's not hard when the rest of them look like Cobra Commander.

When he isn't clashing with his straight-laced, by-the-books chief for being too much of a loose cannon, it's said that Lemon rides along on suspicious phone call investigations. The thought is that the adorableness of the cat can help victims feel at ease who might otherwise be too emotional or anxious to cooperate.

cat cop with star badges
There weren't a lot of different kinds of medals at the police force,
so each star is for either for saving a life or catching a mouse.


So, okay. I get it. Cats are cute and can provide a psychological state of safety for potential victims. That is a reasonable, practical purpose to having a cat on the police force. But does he have to wear the uniform? Come on Japan, can we be serious for a second?

giant anime on japan bridge
Ah, I forgot which country we were talking about here.

Would you feel safe with a cat on the police force? Let me know on Twitter or leave a comment below!


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