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Japan Invents Shopping Bag that Doubles as a Helmet!

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If there's one thing the Japanese are never without, it's their shopping bags. That's how they carry home their never-ending stream of stupid toys and mangas.

bunch of japanese toys
Pictured: Today's haul.

And since their shopping bags are always right at hand, why not parlay that into some earthquake survival gear? Yes, the Storia company has introduced a shopping bag/ helmet combo called Grappa that features thick padding and might save some lives in the event of a natural disaster.

wearing helmet bag
There's almost certainly a squished sandwich in there.

19,000 people died last year because of the major earthquakes in Japan, so really, any plan to lower that number should be commended. But this particular helmet design has one major flaw — it is incredibly prone to puncture.

fanime hair spikes
Japanese hair spikes are the most powerful substance known to man.

What shocked me about this story was that Grappa was tested against sixteen other emergency hoods. This means that the emergency hood is a large, growing market. Are you paying attention Apple? You can sell extra padding in the App Store!

apple version of helmet bag
"One touch to purchase, survive."

Would you get a Grabba? You know, just to play it safe? Pianos fall from apartment buildings every day, you know. Let me know on Twitter or leave a comment below!


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